Why Don’t Students Like School? Main reasons.

“I hate going to school to study” seems to be the anthem of many students since time immemorial. For many of them, satisfying their hunger for curiosity and learning new things every day in their classrooms isn’t a fun experience. Let’s know the reasons why this is so.

An interesting question from every point of view, since it could have a very delicate and important impact on society, the family and even on the progress of a country in the medium / long term. Education must always be the fundamental pillar of society, along with the learning of moral values. But like any good gift, you have to know how to wrap it. You have to know how to sell these millions of students correctly, the idea that attending school to learn every day is a constant adventure, a sea of ​​experiences and new discoveries.

Where does the problem start?

At what point does a student start to get bored and not want to go to school? At the precise moment when we stopped offering education as a beautiful and exciting window of new knowledge and began to show it as a horrible dark and battered bridge, set with horrible storms and hurricanes called “exams” that if reproves can bring horrible consequences and he “packages” them into only two possible groups: intelligent students and the not so intelligent. Looking at it from that point of view, many of us would refuse to want to go to a place like this where humiliations and public embarrassment can be lived by only evaluating one of its mental aspects: the ability to correctly solve an exam.

The expert researcher Sir Ken Robinson expands us more on this topic in an interview he gave and the information we bring to you in the below Youtube video:

The dangers of Bulling

This is another aspect that causes many students the feeling of not wanting to attend school. Harassment, mockery, abuse, all together with the obligation to attend every day, can cause severe traumas in the character and personality of some students. This is where all the staff that make up the administration of a school, from the principal to the teachers, should ensure that it doesn’t occur and minimize its scope, detecting early any sign that a student may be promoting or being a victim of this unpleasant experience, which can undoubtedly influence the student’s academic performance.

Migrate from one model to another.

Part of the solution to encourage school attendance could be to use teaching techniques that stimulate the enormous creativity that students can have, videos, web content, games and contests, debates, experiments, excursions and guided tours, try as much as possible Don’t “cage” students in that nasty label of smart and not smart. All this added to a true vocation for teaching by the teaching staff, they could manage to awaken that magic spark in them. A new stage could be around the corner if the right tools are given to all those wonderful students.

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