Where Do You Do Your Best Thinking?

Human beings are designed to analyze everything, and whatever happens around is always getting processed by our brain. This all thinking is sometimes constructive and sometimes you do not even know what you are thinking about. Everyone has a place where they tend to think more actively and positively. This place can be a shower, in bed, while running, in a café, etc. But whichever is your place that is your comfort zone. This happens because everybody wants their own space where they will not be disturbed by anyone. In order to let our mind be productive and thinking about something constructive, we must learn how to declutter.

Everybody has a place to go to where they feel safe and can think freely. When you feel like that you are in a place where your mind is calm, there you can think better than any other place. These places are your safe zones which makes you feel home with their vibes.


There are some techniques, by using them you can improve your concentration and in turn, you will be able to think better.

• Normally the reason for our distraction is the negative feeling which always builds in our mind, which obstructs us to think freely.
• You have to know what you want to do. A determination is very important in achieving what you want and the same applies to the concentration.
• You can practice by concentrating on everything you do, this way your brain will be trained to concentrate on whatever you do.
These are some techniques which can be used for thinking positively.


Our thinking is very much affected by the kind of place we are in. a person cannot concentrate on thinking in a disco, this shows that the surroundings have a strong impact on our psyche. The term surrounding does not only involve place, but it also involves people. This is the reason that people tend to think clearly in showers or quiet cafes.

• Noise pollution has a very negative impact on our brain, which affects our thinking.
• Excessive use of mobile phones also makes a negative impact on our lives.
• Continuous stress also has a negative impact on our brain.

These all factors affect our thinking negatively and disrupts our day to day activities. The thinking process is very complex, everybody thinks differently. So everyone has a different thinking place.
There are studies conducted on the topic of the physical effects of your thoughts, and it is proven that if you think negatively you can become sick. This is the main reason that patient of depression is always feeling tired.


The goal of getting free from negative thoughts can be achieved only with determination and will power. Try to concentrate in everything you do and then when you will want to think about something it will become easier with time to concentrate.

When you feel that you need to think better, go to your safe place in your mind. Because no other place can give you the security or the clarity like your own self-can. It can be concluded that without being trained to think constructively it is difficult to think positively. There is no need of a trainer you should be determined enough to teach yourself.