How to Deal with Pressure at University

Being a freshman can be exciting since there will be changes in your environment but at the same time, traumatizing because you’re entering an unknown territory—a university. Pressure will absolutely come from everywhere— in the classroom during exams, from your circle of friends who do things you will never do, and lastly, from your professors who demand excellence from your class. These certain factors contribute why the students have anxiety and become stressed as time goes on.

Techniques in dealing with pressure:

• Set your priorities on time.
Getting ahead of time and scheduling the projects that you need to do, the exams that you have to review and the meet-ups that you got to attend is the secret in balancing your commitments. It is not easy but it will definitely help you in doing things one by one, not simultaneously because it will just result in a burnout.

• Think about the destination, rather than the difficult road in attaining it.
“Why did you go to university? What is the goal that you want to achieve by entering the university?” These are some questions that will help you focus, and not be eaten out by pressure and stress that the university brought upon you. Once you think about the purpose of entering, then the motivation will drive you through.

• Do not cram and procrastinate.
Write a to-do list every day. Cross out what you have accomplished by the end of the day. Cramming and procrastinating are time thieves, you won’t get anything done by binge-watching some TV series, playing a game or reading a novel or a comic book that has nothing to do with your academics. Distractions will only enforce that lazy side of yours. But if you’re in a tight spot and an essay has to be submitted at that time, then buy university essays online.

• Have an hour or two to distress yourself.
This is an effective way of giving yourself a reward after doing some school-related stuff. It relaxes your mind and keeps you at ease, despite the stressful events that are going on.

• Talk to someone.
This can be your friend, family or a counselor. The feeling of pressure can create undesired and severe effects. You will get anxious and overthink a lot. When this happens, talk to someone about your feelings to relieve some of the heaviness.

• Take care of yourself and have fun in your free time.
Being in a university gives you a chance to branch out and meet various people with the same interests as yours. If you’re having a peer pressure, then change your group of friends and find someone who’s more to your liking. And don’t ever forget to take good care of yourself. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.
Is the feeling of pressure common among students?

Yes, it is. The number of homework alone is nauseating, the projects are piling up and the exams are right on the corner. So yes, the feeling of pressure is normal. Over time, this feeling eventually catches up and takes you. It might be minimal or it might be catastrophic. It depends upon your ability to handle the pressure. This related image will connect with you and this video will help you by giving your strategies on coping with stress and pressure.

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