Factors influencing students’ writing skills

Writing is not an easy task. Whenever students are writing, several factors affect them in one way or another. These factors either make them better or worse writers. The article focuses on these factors to make students aware of what they can do to improve their writing. It will cause them to become better writers or else seek for assignment writing help.


It is true that writing is not an accidental process. It is an activity that requires to be learned. It implies that the learner must be well acquitted with several prerequisites to good writing. All these require some effort. The effort in writing refers to the willingness and the amount of passion that a student invests into a writing activity. It is directly proportional to good writing.

Effort remains to be the most fundamental thing in the writing process. If you put enough energy, writing skills are learned in a short time turning amateurs into great writers.


Time is a resource in all fields. The amount of time dedicated to this activity also influences students writing skills in a significant way. A student who puts a considerable amount of time into writing will learn writing skills faster than the one who puts less time in it.

It is direct. If you must learn writing skills in the shortest time possible, then dedicate enough time to this process.

Familiarity with the Content to Write

If a writer is familiar with the material that he/she is writing, it implies that the student will have a greater prowess in the writing skills required for that specific content. The converse is true. You should, therefore, know that if you become familiar with the material that you are writing, you will develop the best skills.

Content to write is broad. Every material has its specific skills that go into formatting and diction. Therefore, being familiar with a certain kind of content gives you’re the writing skills in that particular field, and thus familiarity with material to write influences student’s writing skills.

Exposure to Writing

Who has better writing skills between a student who has been writing for the last two years and another one who has been learning online? The one who has been writing obviously. It is because practice makes perfect. It implies that constant training in the writing of content gives you a chance to learn more writing skills.

It is true that experience makes you a better writer. Exposure to writing, therefore, influences your writing skills because the more you are exposed, the better you are in terms of writing skills.


Some people have a lot of love for writing. Such people spend most of their time writing.
They also edit their work, and this makes them better writers as they learn a lot of skills.

As a student, you have to develop a lot of passion for writing as this will map you better in writing. You will not go for assignment writing help.

In conclusion, these are some of the factors that influence students writing skills. Students should only accept a positive influence to make them better in writing skills.